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How much does TrendMD cost?

TrendMD can be used on your website(s) for free, indefinitely. We promote links to your content on third-party sites in the TrendMD network so long as your credit balance is above zero. You determine how much TrendMD will cost based on how many new visitors you want us to direct to your website(s). You automatically earn credits from clicks on third-party sponsored links featured on your website(s), which are then used to promote your content throughout the network. Additionally, you can add to your credit balance by setting a weekly budget. ‘In-network’ recommendations are always free.
So if you want to ensure that your journal(s) get 1000 additional visitors per month, you set your weekly budget to $250 USD/week. See additional visitors acquired for more details.

What is the expected return for installing TrendMD on my website(s)?

In general, the TrendMD widget increases pageviews on your website(s) by 3-6%, for free. In terms of increasing readership, the widget earns you 7-10 credits per 1000 widget loads. These credits are used to acquire new visitors (1 credit per visitor) - learn more about our credit system here.

What is the Professional Plan?

The Professional Plan (starts at $250/month) - not only gets the publisher more traffic credits to spend per month (min. of 250 additional credits per journal per month), but also gives them the ability to shape their traffic. For example, instead of promoting all of their articles over the network, they can select to only promote articles published within the last 2 years. As well - they can restrict the recommendations on their sites to only show their content published within the last 2 years. As a result the relative traffic increases to the smaller group of articles can be much higher.

How do I set a weekly budget?

Login to your dashboard and select 'Set weekly budget' from the 'More' drop down menu

Enter the amount you'd like to allocate to TrendMD per week in the field and click 'Add subscription' button. For example, if you're monthly budget is $100, enter 25 in the box ($100/4 weeks = $25/week)

1 credit = 1 new visitor

Enter your credit card details and click 'Pay' button

You will be notified that your weekly budget has been successfully added and your total remaining credits will be updated

To unsubscribe from subscription, click ‘Unsubscribe’ button

Once you set a weekly budget, we use our unique article-level metrics (e.g. click-through rates, engagement time, etc.) to algorithmically determine which articles from your sites get promoted across the TrendMD network at any given time. By default, the top 10% of your articles from the website(s) you register on TrendMD will be promoted across the TrendMD network at any given time.

If you want more control, you also have the option to sponsor and unsponsor individual articles from your websites.