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Launching a TrendMD campaign

Ready to launch your first TrendMD campaign? Great!

Please reach out to [email protected] to get started.

You will need to include:
  • Example URL(s) and/or website(s) you want to promote
  • Campaign goals (e.g. conversions, lead generation, brand awareness, increase traffic, user engagement, etc.)
  • Typical monthly budget on other platforms
  • Target markets/Geo-location/users you want to target

A TrendMD representative will reach out within 48 hours to discuss the launch of your first campaign.

How do I make the most of my campaign?

Define your goals and a strategy
Before starting your TrendMD campaign(s), make sure to clearly define your campaign goals. With clear goals in mind, you will better able to optimize and determine where you can make improvements. You will always be able to answer the question of "How successful is my TrendMD campaign?" - then implement updates if needed.

What would you like your content to do for you? Are you a new journal publisher looking to create buzz around your content? Are you an established publisher, looking to expand your audience while getting the most page views per visit possible? Are you a pharma company who has launched a new drug and looking to drive more awareness amongst HCPs?

Whatever the case may be, make sure that you are clear on your goals at the outset of your TrendMD campaigns.

Be as specific as possible

If you can, quantify your goal. If you want as many pageviews as possible - do you want to see an average of 2 page views per click? 5? If you want TrendMD users to sign up for your website - how much are you willing to pay per conversion/what is your CPA (Cost Per Action) goal? $20? $50?

Prepare your strategy

Based on your campaign goals, you will be able to prepare your initial TrendMD campaign strategy. Your campaign targeting, content and creatives, and tracking should all be set up in line with your goals.

  • You can have multiple goals in mind when running TrendMD campaigns
  • You can run multiple types of content in your TrendMD campaigns
  • Different campaigns may have different goals
  • Your goals may change over time, and that's OK! Just remember you may need to update your optimization strategy with new goals.

Creative best practice guidelines

In general, the more content you include in your campaign and promote in the TrendMD network, the more visitors we’ll be able to deliver.

Think of the TrendMD Network of publishers as an ocean, the readers as fish, and your content as bait. The more diverse your bait is, the more fish you will catch!

A good rule of thumb: you should have at least 25 links to content per campaign. Remember, each link you provide does not need to link back to a unique piece of content. You can set up a campaign where you have 25 links running with different titles that all link back to the same piece of content. Bottom line: more content = more visitors.

What kind of targeting is available?

While our predictive engine excels at getting your content surfaced to those most likely to take interest, you can add additional layers of targeting to make sure you hit the right people. These are some of the targeting options available:

  • Geo-targeting (Global)
  • IP targeting (Global)
    • Target by IP-address ranges
  • Institutional targeting (Global)
    • Target hospital networks, universities, colleges, organizations
  • Doctor-targeting (US only)
    • By NPI #, speciality
  • User-targeting (Global)
    • Target specific types of researchers and/or HCPs in the network, globally

Talk to your account manager to set targeting preferences on your campaign(s)

Tracking TrendMD traffic

Before launching your campaigns, we recommend that you have a plan in place for monitoring your KPIs (key performance indicators). If you are looking to generate leads from TrendMD users, how will you know if they converted? If you are looking to generate pageviews, how will you track pages-per-visit for TrendMD users?

Having a tracking plan in place will allow you to better assess your opportunities for increasing user engagement. With data, you are able to make educated optimization decisions - leading to increased engagement and higher ROI. Gathering data can also help you optimize future TrendMD campaigns.

By default we append UTM tracking codes to all articles contained in your campaign. However, we can append custom tracking codes based on your needs (e.g. we can append Omniture tracking codes, etc).

For more information about tracking TrendMD with Google Analytics, check out our Google Analytics How-To's.

Campaign pricing

TrendMD currently only offers a strictly Cost-per-Click, or CPC, pricing model. This means that you set an amount that you’re willing to pay for every click to your content.

For example, If you have a $25 campaign with a $0.45 CPC, this means you are willing to pay 45c for every click you get until you hit your $25 budget cap - so your maximum traffic potential is 56 clicks. You can always change your CPC depending on how well you’re performing.

Campaign billing

TrendMD operates on a pre payment billing model. In other words, when setting up a campaign, you select your budget and CPC, and we bill you before the campaign starts.

Our default method of payment is via credit card. We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Follow these instructions to set your weekly budget and add payment information.

If you do not have a credit card but are still interested in using TrendMD, please email us or speak with your account manager to see if you qualify for an IO. If we bill with an IO, payment is due on a net 30 basis.