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Where do I access the TrendMD dashboard?

After your account has been created, you can login to your account from anywhere on the TrendMD site by clicking on the Log In icon at the top right.
Or by going directly to our sign in page.

To request an account email us or fill out this form.

Can I share my dashboard login or get separate logins for my team members?

You can share your login information with other individuals in your organization, just be aware that they will have access to all the same features and permissions that you do.

You can also request additional logins for others at your organization by emailing your Account Manager (if you don't know who your AM is, email us here).

What is the difference between ‘in-network’ and ‘sponsored' links?

In-network links refer to links that are seen within your websites (i.e. non-sponsored article links). ‘Sponsored' links refers to any links to your content that are seen on third-party sites in the TrendMD network.

What is the difference between a ‘click’ and a ‘impression’ ?

A click refers to when a user clicks on a link. An impression is when a user sees a link, but does not necessarily click on it.

What does the star beside the article title mean?

When a yellow star appears beside an article title in your dashboard, it means that article is sponsored.