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How Does the TrendMD Module Impact SEO

Most SEO marketers wonder if there’s an SEO value or benefit in using TrendMD and content discovery.

The answer — there’s a lot of value. In fact, TrendMD can be used for two main purposes when it comes to SEO:

(1) As a publisher: Grow in-site organic traffic by using the TrendMD widget. Let your readers discover more interesting and relevant content inside your own website.
(2) As an advertiser: Distribute your content on other websites by using TrendMD. Reach users and/or potential customers and grow traffic to your web assets through content.

The TrendMD Module and SEO scoring

It is important to note, however, that our module does not impact a website’s SEO efforts directly. This means it also has no negative impact on your SEO efforts.

- The module is based on JS (JavaScript), therefore, Google can render it, but cannot index it or save a cached copy of the page. From a more technical point of view, we are not violating any Google webmaster guidelines about widgets or modules.

- The traffic that goes from site A to B (in terms of paid links) is not visible to Google because we use meta tag “noindex,nofollow” and blocking it via robots.txt. Basically, we are not transferring any link juice from site to site.

- Organic links from Site A to Site A also use the meta tag “noindex,nofollow” rule.

- Our module loads asynchronously, meaning our widget load occurs independently of the page load. They don’t wait for each other — so we won’t slow down page performance, or hurt your page load time — which can be a factor in search engine rankings and UX.

- The module facilitates the readers UX, bringing them into a browsing mode — when they can discover what’s next.

The TrendMD module ultimately improves the user experience as well as the likelihood of gaining natural backlinks. The more exposure your content is getting, the more shares and traffic your content is likely to receive.

This is why content recommendation modules are great for content discovery. They help users or readers navigate to the next article in a way that traditional navigation never could.