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How do content providers benefit from TrendMD?

Publishers and content producers use TrendMD for a variety of reasons, these are some of the most common benefits:

Grow your readership
TrendMD helps marketers generate high-quality views at scale by pushing out content on top scholarly sites. Advertisers use our marketplace to control which content is distributed over TrendMD’s network of publishers.

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Drive Conversions
In order to drive traffic that converts into leads, downloads, sign-ups or other engagements, TrendMD’s recommendation engine learns and pushes relevant content most likely to interest your targeted users. You can then capture leads with engaging CTAs on-site.

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Drive User Engagement and Content Usage
TrendMD looks beyond just related links to help people discover, read, and cite interesting scholarly content from your journals and websites through personalized recommendations. Our recommendation algorithms continuously optimize the placements of links to your content for the right audience while readers are actively looking for something interesting to discover.
TrendMD’s dashboard allows you to track incoming traffic, link clicks, and other KPIs in real-time. You can analyze content performance and optimize your campaigns to meet your goals and improve ROI.

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Increase Brand Awareness
TrendMD’s content discovery platform recommends content through high-impact placements alongside editorial on top scholarly sites across the web, matching advertisers with relevant publisher audiences across all categories, from STM, humanities, and social sciences. Your content can reach millions of viewers and gain valuable interactive exposure within a credible, trustworthy context.