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What metadata is necessary for the TrendMD widget to work?

In order for the widget to make recommendations the following elements are needed:

  • Abstract and/or blog content
  • Title
  • First author
  • Publication date

  • All articles on your site that contain this information will be included in the internal recommendation pool.

    The following meta tags are compatible with the TrendMD widget:

  • Dublin Core
  • OG meta tags
  • Highwire Press tags
  • Eprints tags
  • BE Press tags
  • PRISM tags

  • The following are examples of meta tags we support:

    Meta tags for abstract and/or content
    Dublin Core meta tag <meta name="DC.Description" content= “[insert abstract or content description here]" />
    Meta tag for Title
    Dublin Core meta tag <meta name="DC.Title" content="[insert title here]”/>
    Meta tag for authors (always list authors chronologically)
    Dublin Core meta tag <meta name=”DC.Creator” content =”[FirstName LastName]” />
    Meta tag for publication date
    <meta name="citation_date" content="yyyy/mm/dd"/>