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What can I do to increase my CTRs?

These are some factors that affect CTRs and steps you can take to increase your CTRs.

Time Since Install Part of what makes TrendMD different is we make use of analgorithm to generate our recommendations. Because the algorithm learns about your content over time, the recommendations to your content will improve drastically over the first few months the widget is installed.

This is an example of how TrendMD recommendations improve over time.

Read about the experiment in this post

Widget Placement We often see low widget CTRs when the widget is less visible on the page (at the bottom of open access articles, or hidden in a tab). The best CTRs are seen when the widget is highly visible, we encourage you to play around with the widget placement and see what works best for you. See here for more recommendations.

Broad/Narrow Content When your content is directly related to too large or too small a group of articles in the TrendMD network, it can take longer for the algorithm to determine optimal recommendation locations. If you think this might be preventing you from reaching your goals, speak to your Account Manager.