Guest post by Charley Miao, Director, TrendMD, China and member of the ISMTE Asian-Pacific Conference Organizing Committee. Charley is also Associate Director of the Chinese Society of Medical Journals Editors and Publishing Ethics (CSMJEPE). Charley contributes perspective on the rapidly developing interest in China for TrendMD since January 2017.

Publishers recognize that top quality research from China is increasing as the Chinese government continues to make a tremendous investment. R&D funding now accounts for more than 2% of the country’s GDP, representing more than the 28 European Union member states combined. China now publishes 20% of the world’s most-cited research articles. 185 Chinese journals were included in the 2016 Journal Citation Report (JCR) report, including 16 for the first time 1.
The ISMTE Beijing Organizing Committee welcomes leaders from some of China’s top research publishing organizations. They will speak about the importance of internationalization and the direction of China’s publishing enterprise. Presenters include Dr. Yan Shuai, Associate Editor-in-Chief, Tsinghua University Press, Dr. Shengli Ren, Vice President & Secretary General, China Editology Society for Science Periodicals, and Mr. Hong Xiao, Vice General Manager & Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House.

As China continues to advance research in many disciplines, TrendMD’s unique article recommendation platform and wide reaching network of publishers will introduce China’s top scholarship to a rapidly growing, relevant, global audience. Today, more than 1.2 million visitors a month from China see article recommendations from TrendMD. We expect visitors from China to grow rapidly. Since March 2016, unique visitors from China have grown by 1.6 times and our monthly increase in traffic from China has been 13.3%.

We look forward to rapid growth in traffic. Several publishers in China have recently signed agreements with TrendMD. Our article recommendation widget will soon be featured on more than twenty respected journals from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Medical Association, Tsinghua University Press, Tianjin Medical University, Scientific Research Publishing, and AME Publishing.

Because every day there are thousands of research papers published, recommendations of articles are more important to researchers. Publishers are responding. Researchers believe that 'related article' functionality on publisher platforms has improved content discovery since 20122. TrendMD provides a new kind of specialized recommendation engine with technology like Amazon.

We help advance international research by featuring relevant articles to researchers around the world. As the number of publications from China on the TrendMD Network grows, more researchers will discover relevant research from China and China’s researchers will find collaborators and international publishers that are advancing their field.

Our suggested articles are based on reader behavior – what they are reading, what articles they also click on – across more than 85 million unique visitors each month. TrendMD recommends China’s research articles alongside related articles from world-leading journals. Publishers include BMJ, BioMedCentral, Elsevier, IEEE, The Royal Society, Science/AAAS, and many more.

If you’d like to know more about TrendMD’s work in China, meet with Charley Miao at the ISMTE Asia-Pacific Conference (27-28 March, Beijing) or contact our team.

Matt Cockerill, Director of Partnerships at TrendMD, recently presented at the Academic Publishing in Europe conference with some information about how TrendMD works – watch this video.

1. Highlights from the Publishers Association PA Market Report China Journals, August, 2016 were featured in a Publishing Perspectives article by Porter Anderson. 2. Simon Inger Consulting How Readers Discover Research